Hash House

After a month of Ramadan austerity followed by an Eidy splurge in Dubai last weekend, I was in the mood for a balanced compromise between the two last weekend. The prospect of a full brunch was terrifying to both my liver and bank balance so me and my mate date decided on Hash House in Adliya where we’d hold our own exclusive brunch where we weren’t overwhelmed by choice and didn’t feel the pressure to consume everything within a limited time frame. I’d heard good things last year about this unassuming thai restaurant off the main drag and this was to be my third visit. Arriving at midday (standard brunch o’clock) we were the first customers of the day and had the pick of the place, choosing a table by the window. Two Singhas were ordered and perusal of the extensive menu commenced. Treating it as an unofficial brunch, we ordered a few appetisers to begin wiith: minced chicken lettuce wraps, thai prawn toast and hanoi spring rolls with prawns. The lettuce wraps were gorgeous, especially when drizzled with some of the accompanying chilli soya sauce, crisp and fresh with a delicious filling, albeit a slightly messy endeavour. The prawn toast was also very good, small crunchy bitesize pieces, if I had one criticism it would be that they were more on the toasty than prawny side but tasty all the same. The last of our first course was the hanoi rolls which I first tried on a cookery course in Hoi An. I just love how fresh and healthy they taste, only made slightly less virtuous with a gluttonous peanut dipping sauce on the side. Unfortunately, the presence of something offensively aniseedy in said rolls ruined the rest for me, not sure if it was one of the leafy herbs or some rogue lemongrass but for a liquorice hater this was disappointing and quite off-putting.


A couple more Singhas later and round two was on its way: Phi Phi rice noodles (ordered after our first choice of coconut noodles wasn’t available, wasn’t explained why though); steamed morning glory in garlic and soya sauce and some chicken & prawn gyoza dumplings for good measure.


The morning glory I could’ve eaten all day long, so tasty! Same with the dumplings but i’d be likely to turn into one if I didn’t set limits. The noodles were ok but had an almost tomatoey flavour which wasn’t really my bag. I have no complaints about the beer though!

Overall, i’ll definitely be back to Hash House, the staff are pleasant, the atmosphere is perfectly relaxed and with such an extensive menu there’s a lot more I have to try. I’ll just be checking on the presence of lemongrass a bit more carefully next time. It also has to be said that Hash House is good value for money, 4 beers each and 6 dishes between us worked out to about 18bd each, very reasonable!


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